Personal Injury


Personal injury cases can be complex. Someone has been injured – oftentimes seriously, and other times there has been loss of life. In all of these situations, a technical expert will need to evaluate what happened and why it happened. They will have to evaluate the setting in which the accident occurred and determine a timeline of events. 

The cases can be very complex because they can involve the use of products, occur on construction sites, involve manufacturing facilities, or occur in their own home.

Envista experts have extensive experience in complex personal injury cases and are able to sort through the facts objectively. We have worked on a variety of cases, which include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls in numerous settings.
  • Tire failures on vehicles that have resulted in serious accidents.
  • ATV and recreational vehicle accidents.
  • Injuries that have occurred through the use of exercise equipment.
  • Accidents involving farm equipment.
  • Machine guarding cases.
  • Injuries as the result of scaffolding failures.
  • Bad welds on structural components leading to a failure

To speak with an Envista engineer regarding a personal injury investigation, please contact us at +1 847 559-3000.