Envista’s Energy Practice Group has decades of experience in drilling, exploration, installation, production and operations of onshore land rigs, offshore platform, offshore drilling units and semi-submersibles, subsea systems, mooring systems, foundations and ancillary equipment. We are engaged in a multitude of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” cases in the US, as well as deep-water projects offshore around the world.

Our collective experience in design, installation, operation, and maintenance on these unique types of facilities gives us the in-depth expertise required to provide good technical opinions and provide a complete range of solutions for our clients. 

Envista is familiar with the particular geological formations in various parts of the world, as well as other unique challenges. Envista Energy engineers have a wealth of experience to draw from to assist on any type of claim, whether it is a mobile drilling rig, a Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) unit, a concrete deep water structure, a subsea pipeline or subsea manifold.

We perform Root Cause Analysis, determine the extent of damage, evaluate mitigation options, minimize business interruption issues, and identify/preserve evidence for any potential subrogation/third-party liability action. We work closely with the adjuster, the insured, the insured’s service providers and/or the manufacturers, and other outside experts such as forensic accountants, to deliver complete technical opinions and solutions for the project.