Mobile Phone Location Investigation


Our Cell Phone Location experts are industry thought-leaders on the subject of cellular technology evidence. This process is used to identify the location of a phone in question, typically used in a matter of litigation.

Each call detail record contains technical details about each transaction a phone has with the wireless phone company’s network, such as the date and time of the phone call or text message. Each record may also contain the starting and ending cell tower used for a phone call and in some cases, text messages and data sessions.

Cell Tower Tracking Experts

Call detail records can contain the cell tower used for a phone call and in some cases, text messages and even data transmissions. This associates a phone call/text with a cell tower location. By associating the activity with a cell tower, it is possible to determine an approximate location. This location information is often used in the establishment or discreditation of an alibi. However, beware that each type of transaction, voice, data or text, may have different time stamps, and location information that is or is not reliable. You need an expert to assist you through that process.

Cell Phone Expert Witness

While credible experts are out there, this particular forensic discipline is plagued with incompetent analysis and overblown claims more than any other in the realm of digital evidence. 

Despite the increased prevalence of mobile phones being used in claims and legal cases, both for determining historic location (or CSLI – Cell Site Location Information), or user activity, many claims and legal professionals may not be fully aware of how valuable this information can be in a litigation or investigative matter. However, this type of evidence needs to withstand all forms of scrutiny, and choosing the proper expert is key. Our cell phone location experts have worked on numerous, well-known, high-profile legal cases and are here to answer any questions, provide a thorough analysis, and help you uncover the truth.

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