Data Recovery Forensics

Virtually all types of personal data are in some way, shape or form electronically-stored- in many cases, without appropriate data loss prevention plan in place. From medical records, to credit card data, to personal identification information, the process whereby corporations and other entities store highly-confidential personal data has become incredibly technical.

As such, the risk of a data breach continues to increase exponentially. To illustrate this, 73% of small and midsized companies experienced a cyber attack last year, with the frequency of these attacks increasing by 93%.

Data Breach Forensics Investigators

Envista Data Recovery Forensics experts are skilled at addressing data breaches resulting in exposure of:

  • Credit Card Data Loss Investigations
  • Personally Identifiable data breach investigation
  • Medical Records/HIPAA-Related Info
  • Identify Theft
  • Other Privacy Losses

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Breach Contingency Plan

With the continued rise of mobile computing, cloud computing and social media usage, experts predict the volume and financial exposure associated with data breaches will increase exponentially in the coming years. Before a data breach event occurs, there are steps that your organization can take that will lessen the likelihood of these events every occurring. Our digital forensics investigators will work with your organization to put together policies and training so your employees can identify and prevent these events. Our digital forensics experts will assess your business's existing infrastructure to develop plans that will keep your data safe. 

To discuss the correct steps to take following a cyber incident involving a data breach resulting in data loss, please contact Envista at +1 888-782-3473.