Computer Forensics Investigator

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Computer forensics is used to help detect or prevent crime, as well as assist in settling disputes where evidence is stored digitally.

Claims involving any wrongdoing such as employee misconduct, banking fraud or financial tampering, computer crimes such as hacking or manipulation require companies to take action, and many turn to computer forensic investigators to piece together the truth. 

Computer Forensics Investigators

Envista's computer forensics investigators utilize the most technologically advanced software, tools and expertise to respond, collect, preserve, and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to uncover the root cause of digital incidents.

Our experts assist legal professionals and business owners on the most complex and sensitive investigative or litigation matters involving electronic evidence or data preservation.

Some sophisticated attackers will utilize anti-forensic techniques to hide their tracks. Our computer forensics investigators know where to look to identify and uncover these tracks.

We can help determine:

  • Who is behind the attack or loss? Who is responsible for security failures?
  • What happened, and what data was compromised? Was this intentional or a "mistake"?
  • When did the incident take place? When should the company have known?
  • Where did the confidential information, trade secrets or customer information go?
  • How did the breach occur?

Computer Forensics Company

With a focus on authentication and chain of custody preservation, Envista's forensic investigators have worked on some of the most well-known, high-profile legal cases. We analyze available data so that accurate conclusions can be drawn regarding the fundamental cause of the event.

Envista experts have vast experience at not only identifying cyber breach indicators, but also in interpreting those indicators and presenting them in an evidentiary fashion. Our findings are documented in an expert report crafted by battle-tested professionals with world-class pedigrees, certifications, and significant court testimony experience. 

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