Cellular Technology/Tracking Forensics

Our Cell Phone Location Evidence experts are industry thought-leaders on the subject of cellular technology evidence. While many "experts" claim you can locate a phone using phone records, this is simply not the case. Envista experts explain how call detail record analysis works in plain understandable terms that anyone can follow.

A phone record, or call detail record, does not contain any location information for a cell phone. A call detail record may contain location information a cell tower used by the phone for a phone call, and in some instances for text messages. The location of the cell tower is not the location of the cell phone. The analysis of call detail records is not triangulation of a phone's location.

While credible experts are out there, this particular forensic discipline is plagued with incompetent analysis and overblown claims more than any other in the realm of digital evidence. For an expert you can trust, with the court testimony and case experience to back it up, choose Envista Forensics.

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