Cyber Incident Response

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In the occurrence of a cyber-attack, a proper cyber incident response is required to handle the situation as effectively as possible. We live in a digital world, and cyber-attacks against businesses and institutions are growing in frequency and impact. Cyber incidents, once few and far between, have splashed the front pages of leading news outlets, and the business impact is dramatic and costly. Regardless of the source of the attack or the underlying motive, the end result is often the same: business disruption, significant public-relations damage, customer litigation exposure, and often a major financial loss. 
The abundance of cyber risks and attacks have driven an explosive demand for data breach analysis and ransomware removal experts and services. There is a misconception that existence of cyber insurance may help mitigate problems, but in reality, identifying the root cause of the cyber incident is still necessary for most insurance policies. On top of that, a proper investigation is critical to fully understand data lost or the access level achieved by the bad actor and finalize an internal response plan. 

Cyber Incident Response Plan  

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