Course of Construction / Builder's Risk Losses


Accidents happen, but when they happen on a construction project, insurable loss events can affect and change how the project proceeds or progresses. That could be anything from a lightning strike, to high winds. The costs associated with the schedule delay and loss of productivity can sometimes be equally as significant as the direct costs to mediate or repair the damage of the loss event. 

Our experts can quickly assess the extent of damage, cause and liability, as well as help develop plans for recovery, repair and cost estimates. We work closely with our building consulting team to jump start recovery efforts and minimize delays. Whether it's equipment-related, a safety issue or accident, a mechanical or electrical failure, or civil or structural failure, our engineers can help. Our Course of Construction/Builder's Risk team provides the forensic analysis and comprehensive assessment necessary to determine how much of the claim is legitimately and reasonably related to the insurable event versus potential contributing impacts predating the event. 

Course of Construction and Builder's Risk Specialists

Our delay and productivity experts have the experience and skills to analyze the impact that events and changing conditions can have on a schedule and productivity. They have assessed losses arising from fires on building projects, ground subsidence on transportation infrastructure, flood damage on bridge rehabilitations and solar farms, vandalism on a pipeline installations, as well as insurable events on numerous other construction projects and developments. Because Envista has decades of experience providing support to the insurance industry, our experts understand how to best evaluate claims in the context of the insurer’s needs.

The findings of our team have yielded significant dollars of claims reduction through the careful application of schedule logic and critical path analysis techniques and forensic document review, in conjunction with an objective and thorough assessment of the claimed impact resulting from the loss event.

We also draw on the expertise of our in-house forensic engineers in disciplines such as civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical to evaluate potential impacts, when necessary.

Our Course of Construction and Builder's Risk Services Include:

  • schedule delay and disruption analysis
  • delayed start up / critical path / extension of time assessments
  • loss of productivity assessments
  • evaluation of changed scope of changed conditions
  • quantification of damages
  • review of acceleration claims
  • earned value assessments / pre- and post-event
  • expert witness 
  • forensic engineering