Structural Failure

Assessing building structural failures can be a daunting task as there are many potential contributing factors. Envista’s experienced structural engineers have the ability to sift through the facts to pinpoint the root cause of a structural failure. 

Safety is always a concern during a structural failure and potential safety issues are addressed during the assessment as needed.

Items investigated during a structural claim include:

  • Do soil conditions contribute to the failure?
  • Was the failure of the structure a result of a design error or construction defect?
  • Was nearby construction a source of vibration and a contributor to the failure?
  • Was the structural failure weather related, such as freeze/thaw or ice dams?
  • Is wooden member structural failure a result of moisture, insect or other issue?

Envista's team of engineers have the ability to assess the entire structure and determine the underlying cause. These results are explained to you and your clients in a clear and concise manner.