Soils & Geo Technical Engineering


Investigation of soil conditions and their contribution to claimed damages requires an experienced civil engineer with geotechnical and structural engineering experience. Many factors can contribute to a soil failure and the soil failure is normally tied to a resulting structural failure. Investigation of soils claims will likely include some form of soils testing.

Items investigated during a soils related structural claim include:

  • What is the history of the site?
  • Is the site prone to subsurface mobility and/or sink holes?
  • Is the soil condition a result of subsurface problematic soils?
  • Did the soil condition contribute to the overall failure of the structure (as applicable)?
  • Has the bearing capacity of the soil been exceeded?
  • Was the failure a result of inadequate soil compaction during construction?

Envista's team of geo technical engineers, geologists and structural engineers will assess soil failures and takes steps necessary to determine the underlying cause and the relation to structure damage. These results are explained to you and your clients in a clear and concise manner.