Concrete Failure Analysis

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Our experienced team of structural engineers have consulted on projects around the globe, with many specializing in concrete structure failure investigation. We use the most current technology and methods to find all symptoms of the building collapse or damage and then analyze and verify the root cause.

What our experts can do for you

Envista experts have detailed knowledge of the forces and effects storm damage can play on concrete structures and can identify the root cause of the damage whether it be from a recent disaster or from something pre-existing. We are proficient at collecting and processing high-levels of evidence, and using that to conduct extensive analytical modeling of failure scenarios. Our engineers can recommend procedures to help ensure long-last repairs.

Concrete failures take on many forms, but we are prepared for all of them.

Many times, the symptoms present themselves as:

  • Spalling, cracking, scaling
  • Settlement or collapse
  • Moisture ingress (or interior moisture damage, which is the most common cause of failure)
  • Weathering, discoloration, staining
  • Deflection or racking

Types of concrete structure failures

  • Concrete corrosion or concrete deterioration
  • Corrosion of steel within the concrete structure
  • Design defects and lack of maintenance causing collapse or failure
  • Damage after impact, explosion or heat/fire
  • Structural collapse or damage after storms or natural disasters

Important questions asked during concrete investigation can include:

  • Did storm forces cause concrete damage?
  • Did earthquake forces cause┬áthe damage or was it pre-existing?
  • What caused moisture to enter the concrete?
  • Did the concrete design comply with the building code requirements?
  • Did the concrete construction comply with the design requirements?
  • What caused the concrete deterioration and/or steel reinforcement corrosion?