Clerk of the Works

Often, mitigation, demolition, building stabilization, and reconstruction need immediate commencement, which requires real-time on-site expertise to monitor and ensure proper methods are utilized and fair costs are presented to property owners.   

When time is of the essence and valued clients need rapid solutions to complex property damage and business income loss exposure, Envista assembles our Building Consulting experts to perform on-site clerk of the works services.  

Tailored Clerk of the Works Solutions  

Whether the need calls for part-time or around-the-clock oversight, Envista can offer a solution tailored specifically to the project’s unique requirements.  

Envista’s team goes beyond simply counting heads and tallying hours. Each clerking project is tailored to the situation; our experts photo-document each project in detail throughout the duration of the project, attend and log construction meetings, collect documentation on labor, equipment, and materials daily from all involved parties, prepare daily site reports and weekly summaries, and when needed, suggest solutions to problem.  

Our tailored solutions can assist: 

  • Schools  

  • Healthcare facilities with strict needs to continue operations or re-open under expedited timelines 

  • Business with large business interruption exposure when operations are impacted 

On-Site Presence 

Envista’s on-site presence allows our team to serve as our client’s eyes and ears in the field. Our unique perspective aids others in seeing all sides of problem to come to an amenable resolution and allows our team to provide: 

  • Accurate and comprehensive invoice reviews 

  • Quicker payment approvals and recommendations 

  • Real-time scope development and agreement 

  • Streamlined dispute resolution 

  • Reduced time duration of the process 


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