Building Cost Estimating and Scope of Damage

Envista’s Building Consulting team is well-versed in determining scope of damage from all causes and in all types of structures. Our consultants have varied backgrounds in construction trades, estimating, project management, restoration, mitigation, architecture, adjusting, engineering, specialty construction and more. From institutional and industrial situations, to single- or multi-family housing, our team works to pair the best-suited building consultant with the matter at hand. Our building consulting team has worked on losses resulting from fires, floods, collapses, hurricanes, tornados, wind, hail, vehicle collisions, wildfires, vandalism, earthquakes and more.  

Building Cost Estimating Services: 

  • Reaching an accurate and agreed scope of repair with property owners, public adjusters, legal representatives, and contractors. An accurate scope of repair is the foundation to an accurate cost estimate.  
  • Providing comprehensive reports to support cost estimates. 
  • Using multiple estimating platforms, depending on our clients’ unique needs, including Xactimate, Symbility, RSMeans, Marshall Swift, CSI Format and others.  
  • Working with various qualified specialty trades (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, elevator, equipment, etc.) when specialty bids are required, to obtain accurate, competitive bids and incorporate them into our comprehensive estimates.  
  • Segregating costs that fall outside of the pre-loss condition, such as code upgrades, betterment, owner-elected upgrades, material obsolescence, increased cost of construction, or expediting.
  • Determining depreciation and actual cash value in addition to the full replacement cost value estimate.  

Technology Assisting in Scope of Damage

Envista’s Building Consultants use the latest tools and technology in assessing and documenting property damage. Drone surveys, 360-imagery, digital imagery, moisture detection, infrared cameras, satellite imagery and more are all utilized by our team when the need arises. We maintain cloud-based storage of all site documentation, available for production to our clients, whether it is provided in our reports or not.  

Helping Clients Make Timely Decisions 

Our team understands that time is of the essence for our clients, and it is our standard protocol to deliver a verbal report of our primary observations before leaving the site at the conclusion of our initial inspection. This enables our clients to make timely decisions regarding cost, coverage and engaging additional experts. We follow up with a preliminary Rough Order of Magnitude report, usually within 72 hours of our initial inspection. Our detailed estimates follow closely behind, normally within 14 business days of inspection. When the complexity or evolving nature of a matter dictates that standard delivery timelines can’t be met, our experts are in constant communication with our clients to keep them abreast of the situation so that they can remain informed.  


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