North America Webinar FAQs


Thank you for your interest in our FREE webinar series. We hope you enjoy the benefits of these educational presentations that are put together with considerable thought and insight into your needs as an adjuster or attorney.

Here are some common FAQ’s that we ask you review in advance of your participation in our 2016 webinar series courses.

WebEx Registration/Signing up for a PT&C|LWG webinar online 

Q: How do I register for an PT&C|LWG Webinar?
A: You may access registration to our webinars a couple of different ways: 
    1) Visit our website . Click on the region you want to see classes for. (i.e. North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, UK/Europe/Middle East)

    2) Email Lisa Helfand to be added to our monthly email announcement newsletter list. You will receive an email notification when new classes open for registration.

Q: Does PT&C|LWG report/process CE credit for webinar participants?
A: Yes, PT&C|LWG offers complimentary CE reporting for all attendees who satisfactorily meet the attendance and participation requirements. Please read below for more detail regarding CE processing.

Q: What information does PT&C|LWG need in order to process my CE credit?
A: The online webinar registration form contains fields for you to enter all of your license information. Specifically:

1) Please enter all of your contact information, including adjuster and/or attorney state licenses, into the appropriate field. Please double-check your submission for accuracy before completing your registration. 
2) Please refrain from entering extra characters or letters into these fields (i.e. on file, N/A, Pending, etc.) 
3) There are state fields for adjuster licenses and a set of fields for attorney bar numbers. Be careful you enter your information in the correct field. LEAVE BLANK FIELDS THAT DO NOT APPLY TO YOU! 
4) Be sure to enter your full name or the name in which most of your state licenses are under. 
PT&C|LWG strives to process all CE in a timely manner for your convenience. In addition, per State Department of Insurance/State Bar regulation: we are required to complete course postings within 10 days after a course date. Not having your correct information on file at the time of posting will prevent us from processing your CE credit
5) If you have taken previous courses with us, we likely have your license number on file in our CRM database, and you DO NOT not need to complete the registration fields after you’ve taken a few classes. If you would like to verify that we have your license numbers on file, please email

Q: I just participated in an PT&C|LWG webinar for the first time, and didn’t supply my CE license numbers. What can I do?
 A:  Email your license numbers to We will be sure that your numbers are utilized to report your CE hours.

Course Completion/ CE Credit Reporting/ Completion Certificates 

Q: Do I have to participate in the entire webinar to earn CE credit?
A: Yes, per State Department of Insurance/State Bar regulation, all attendees must attend the entire course to receive course credit. This equates to approximately 50 minutes. Keep in mind, we begin exactly at 1:00 pm CT, so please plan to login early to ensure quality of connection.

Q: Does PT&C|LWG send out the course materials for review after the webinar?
A: Yes, all course materials are emailed out after the webinar with the course completion certificates.

Q: How long will it take for my CE credit to show up on my transcripts?
A: Your credit will be posted, in most cases, within 10-15 business days of the date of the course.

Q: What states can I earn CE in following participation in an PT&C|LWG webinar?
A: Currently for our webinars, we submit course applications for adjuster CEU approval in: AB (Alberta, Canada), AL (Alabama), CA (California),  FL (Florida), GA (Georgia), IN (Indiana), LA (Louisiana), MB(Manitoba),  MS (Mississippi), NC (North Carolina),  NH (New Hampshire), OK (Oklahoma), TX (Texas), UT (Utah), and WY (Wyoming). We submit attorney CLE approval for select courses in: FL, GA, IL, MN, OH and TX.

Q: Will PT&C|LWG send a certificate of completion to me after the course?
A: Yes, PT&C|LWG will email you certificates of completion to keep on file after we have completed uploading all CE credits. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the certificate email to be emailed. Adjusters should still check their state transcripts for official records.

Q:I took an PT&C|LWG webinar and received the certificate of completion but my official state transcript does not show CE credit, what happened?
A: In this situation, we likely have incorrect information on file for you and were unable to process your CEU. We make every effort to contact individuals by email whose CE credit upload results an ‘error’. If you receive an email from us regarding this, your corrections are due within 3 (three) days of notice of an error. However, per state Department of Insurance regulations, there may be times when CE credit cannot be posted retroactively.

Q: What can I do to ensure my CE is reported correctly?
A: The easiest way to ensure your CE is always reported is to check the accuracy of the license numbers you provide us with at the time of registration, and contact us directly if you have any questions.