Complex Commercial Fire Investigation Course


A complex, commercial fire loss can pose a number of different challenges. And many times, requires the assistance of multiple parties.

Come hear from on-scene fire investigators, electrical and mechanical failure engineers, digital forensic experts and subrogation attorneys at our Complex Commercial Fire Investigation course. It’s geared to help you learn what engineers, like those at Envista, look for after a fire. The course provides an overview of:

  • The science behind what we do,
  • how we manage the scene, and most importantly,
  • how that information can be useful in your everyday claims handling.

Our engineers educate participants with hands-on materials, video footage, and commentary from a real, live burn session. As a participant, you’ll learn about fire progression, burn patterns, possible ignition sources--and how to analyze them or rule them out. We’ll also walk you through best practices and important steps to make sure you are maximizing subrogation potential from the initial inspection, through evidence preservation.

Our class is worth four hours of continuing education credit. Check out the video to get a preview of the course!

2020 Class Schedule

Contact us if you would like to participate. 

  • Richmond, VA - Date TBD
  • New York, NY - Date TBD
  • Columbus, OH - Date TBD
  • Atlanta, GA - Date TBD
  • Los Angeles, CA - Date TBD
  • Orlando/Tampa, FL - Date TBD
  • Houston, TX - Date TBD