Envista Forensics Announces Acquisition of SAMAC Engineering

Toronto, ON, Canada & Atlanta, GA, USA- Envista Forensics, a global multidisciplinary forensic consulting firm, today announced that it has completed the acquisition o..

Survey of Americans who drive dangerously

Be it a morning commute, or grocery run, driving is a routine part of daily life. It’s also the most dangerous thing we do. While most people are cautious, law-abiding c..

Envista Forensics Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire SAMAC Engineering

Expands Canadian Forensic Consulting Capabilities in Western Canada Toronto, ON, Canada & Atlanta, GA, USA --- January 25, 2018 --- Robert Wedoff, President of Envista..

Envista Announces Rebrand of Guardian Digital Forensics

Envista Forensics announces the integration of their digital forensics division, known previously as Guardian Digital Forensics, into their core Envista brand. Acquired by..

Envista Forensics Launches new Construction Claims, Course of Construction Losses Division in Toronto

November 20, 2017 - TORONTO, On - Envista Forensics is delighted to announce the addition of a Construction Claims, Course of Construction Losses Division to our Toronto, ..

Envista Forensics Welcomes Ron Koerth as Senior Vice President

November 1, 2017-- ATLANTA, Ga., and TORONTO, On. -- Envista Forensics announced today that Ron Koerth has joined the company in the role of Senior Vice President. Mr..

Digital Security Travel Hacks

Travel opens our eyes to new architecture, foods, cultures, and perspectives from around the world. Unfortunately, it also makes us more vulnerable to theft and hackers. While..

Envista Forensics talks Petya and NotPetya

Petya and NotPetya: Mixed Motives in Ransomware and Cyber Vandalism Ransomware attacks are devastating companies around the globe, designed primarily to encr..

Envista Forensics Announces Rebrand of North American Equipment Restoration Practice

Atlanta, GA, USA --- Grover Davis, CEO of Envista Forensics (“Envista”), formally announced today the rebrand of the Company’s Equipment Restoration divi..

Envista Forensics Announces James Wheeler, B.A.Sc., CFEI, P.E., P.Eng. as Technical Lead of Electrical Division in Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada --- Scott Broad, Vice President of Canadian Operations at Envista Forensics, announced today the hiring of Mr. James Wheeler, as Technical Lead for Ele..

Envista Forensics Announces Expansion of Global Equipment Restoration Practice with Acquisition of AREPA

Atlanta, GA, USA --- Grover Davis, CEO of Envista Forensics (“Envista”), announced today the acquisition of AREPA, a leading provider of industrial and hi..

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The Road to Envista

In the past 3 years we've changed dramatically. We've done it by bringing together industry leading experts who share our people centric culture and our mission. Contact..

Envista Forensics Announces Mark Ewing as Healthcare & Biosciences Practice Leader

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Ewing as Practice Leader for our Healthcare & Biosciences Practice. Having been with the company for 24 years, Mark..

Envista Forensics Announces Opening of Sydney, Australia Office

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA and ATLANTA, GA, USA- Envista Forensics, a global leader in forensic engineering and consulting services to the insurance and legal industries announces ..

Americans Share Their Sentiment on Digital Tracking and Shared Data [Survey]

There’s no doubt about it: as long as you use technology, you are being tracked. Between Google searches, loyalty reward apps, Uber rides, and Facebook check-ins, th..

Such Great Heights! Envista Forensics Climb Trained Engineers

Envista Forensics is committed to the ongoing training and development of its engineers, experts and support staff. This commitment directly supports the Company's desires to ..

Envista Forensics expands London office, Energy Practice Group, with addition of Alan Chung

Envista Forensics expands London office, Energy Practice Group, with addition of Alan Chung 1 February 2017- London, UK- Envista Forensics is pleased to announce the e..

PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting Announces Corporate Rebranding, Changes name to Envista Forensics

PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting announced today that the Company has changed its name to Envista Forensics. This new brand captures the essence of the Company’s str..

Bruce Barnes featured in Structure Magazine's November Issue

We are delighted to announce that PT&C|LWG Regional Vice President, Bruce Barnes,M.S., P.E (/about/team/bruce-barnes). is featured in Structure Magazine's November iss..