Internal Usage Policy Violations

Today's employees are provided with more technology resources to work with than ever before. Anything from laptop computers, SmartPhones, and Tablet PCs, to Intranet and Wiki access, are among the various technology tools that today's workers have to utilize.

It is the role of corporate human resources departments to implement technology-usage policies that support overall business objectives. Even with the most efficient usage policies, technology usage violations are prevalent across most companies. Personal E-Mail usage, Social Media access, SMS/MMS messaging are just a few of the things that today's employees likely participate in on company time while using company resources.

Cyber Incidents incurred while employees were violating published technology usage policies are growing in occurrence and pose significant risk for businesses. Accidental distribution of confidential company information across social media networks, as well as employment related risks such as harassment, discrimination, defamation, libel and slander are being encountered every day in result of corporate employees misusing and violating corporate technology policies.

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