Assessing building infrastructure claims require an experienced forensic engineer versed in building systems

Assessing building infrastructure losses requires an experienced engineer well versed in building systems. The interrelatedness of infrastructure systems requires a multi-disciplined approach to claim investigation. For example, when a sprinkler head failed and the fire alarm panel did not alarm, resulting in a large quantity of water being deposit into a building, was the fire alarm panel malfunction a result of the electrical surge received earlier in the day or from the lack of testing and maintenance on the fire alarm panel?

Items investigated during an infrastructure claim include:

  • What was the root cause of the incident?
  • Did the associated infrastructure systems contribute to the severity of the incident?
  • What do the service and maintenance records for the equipment reveal?
  • Is there subrogation potential in this loss?

Envista is skilled at assessing a complicated event and breaking it down into its component parts. These results are relayed to you and your clients in a clear and concise manner.