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Senior Consultant in Los Angeles, CA

Professional Profile

This expert has personally worked or supervised over 1,300 fire and explosion investigations. His forensic experience includes investigations of fire and explosion incidents in industrial, commercial, residential structures, vehicle, boats/vessels, and marinas. His areas of expertise include fire scene analysis, evidence, data collection, monitoring of destructive and non-destructive testing, investigative interviews, scene photography, and ICC and NFPA fire code compliance.


  • Data collection and analysis
  • Evidence Collection
  • Fire Scene Analysis
  • Investigative interviews
  • Monitoring of destructive and non-destructive testing
  • NFPA fire code compliance
  • Scene photography

Work History

Senior Consultant

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Areas of Expertise


  • National Certification in Industrial Engineering


  • Medical Clearance for Respirator Use, Osha Standard 1910.134 - Damarco Solutions, LLC ? William H. Lohman, M.D.
  • Haz-Mat Awareness - Illinois Emergency Managment Agency
  • Haz-Mat Awareness - University of Fire Services Institute
  • Haz-Mat Operations - Illinois Emergency Management Agency
  • Haz-Mat Operations - University of Illinois Fire Services Institute
  • Firefighter Candidate Training Completion - Robert J. Quinn Chicago Fire Academy
  • Firefighter I & II - Illinois State Fire Marshall
  • Haz-Mat Awareness - Illinois State Fire Marshall
  • Specialist/Confined Space/Trench Awareness - Illinois State Fire Marshall Rescue
  • EMT-B - Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Confined Space/Trench Rescue Awareness - University of Illinois Fire Service Institute
  • Fire Arson Investigator I & II - University of Illinois Fire Services Institute
  • Fire Arson Investigator III - University of Illinois Fire Service Institute
  • Illinois State Fire Marshal Investigator Certification
  • NAFI - National Association of Fire Investigators - CFEI
  • Basic Law Enforcement Academy - Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center
  • IAAI - International Association of Arson Investigators - CFI

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