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Mechanical Engineer PE in Grand Rapids, MI

Professional Profile

A Senior Project Engineer with over 37 years of mechanical and electrical engineering experience including forensic experience in cases involving electrical and mechanical failures in automotive, appliances and electronics, HVAC, lightning strikes, power surges, boilers, heating and cooling systems, product liability evaluation, and fire suppression sprinkler systems. He has investigated a utility-sized photovoltaic solar farm in Mexico for hurricane related damages. He has investigated utility sized wind turbines for mechanical and electrical sources of ignition in fire related assignments as well as gearbox and bearing failures. He has investigated residential foundation settling and fire-damage claims and provided cost estimates for structural, industrial and medical equipment losses due to fire, wind, storm surge and hail damage. He has also investigated the mechanical and/or electrical origin and cause of fire damaged properties and is certified by NAFI-IAFI as a fire investigator. He has eight years of experience in yield enhancement process engineering in Texas Instruments 300-mm Semiconductor Wafer Fab which involved data gathering thru systematic inspection of semiconductor product, investigation and analysis of random and systematic defects. He also served as an Equipment Engineer responsible for the specifications, installation and maintenance of multi-million dollar inspection equipment used in semi-conductor manufacturing. He has over 22 years of experience in the design, analysis and manufacture of high performance equipment for military customers while employed by Texas Instruments Defense Equipment Group.


  • Automotive Evaluations
  • Boiler and Heating Systems
  • Catastrophe Response
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial/Residential Roof Evaluations
  • Digital Electronics and Computer Hardware
  • Hail Damage
  • HVAC systems
  • Lightning Damage
  • Machine Design and Fabrication
  • Mold / Air Quality
  • Product Liability Testing
  • Residental Homes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Intrusion

Work History

Senior Project Engineer

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  • Bachelor of Science


  • PE
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