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Metallurgical Engineer in Mississauga, ON

Professional Profile

A Professional Engineer with over 16 years’ experience in forensic engineering, materials/mechanical failure analysis, electrochemical corrosion protection system design, concrete materials deterioration assessment, and construction management. His expertise includes loss location investigation, code and regulation compliance, determination of the root cause of failures related to manufacturing, installation, maintenance and use of products as well as providing technical reports and advisory opinions to assist resolution of disputes. In addition, He is highly knowledgeable of North American Standards and Specifications such as CSA, ASTM, ASM, NACE, API, ASME, AASHTO, ACI and Ontario Building Code and Regulations. His past experiences included projects in North and South America as well as the Middle East, requiring supervisory positions in steel manufacturing, corrosion failure analysis, and protection system design for the industrial components in oil, gas and power generation sectors.


  • Anodized aluminum and galvanized steel products
  • Application and failure analysis of bio-materials
  • Concrete technology including field condition survey of the reinforced concrete structures and durability assessment of the concrete constituents in laboratory
  • Construction and structural materials
  • Corrosion failure assessment of heat exchanger tubes, boilers, turbines and pressure vessels and storage tanks (oil, acids, fuel and water), underground pipelines, water treatment and cooling towers
  • Electrochemical corrosion protection system design and evaluation (anodic/cathodic protection systems, coating application and inhibitors)
  • Fire sprinkler systems and water/gas line service fixtures
  • Laboratory instrumentation techniques used for water and chemical analyses
  • Materials’ failure analyses
  • Mechanical components used in greenhouses, wineries, quarries and manufacturing plants as well as in commercial and residential buildings
  • Metallographic and fractographic examinations
  • Metallurgical, mechanical, and chemical analyses
  • Microscopic observation (optical and scanning electron microscopy)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Steel and cast iron production technology

Work History

Engineering Expert

Performed independent forensic engineering investigations and provided scientific opinion on the cause of failure of mechanical components used in industrial (greenhouses, wineries, quarries, structural aluminum/steel manufacturers, etc.), commercial, and residential buildings.

Assessed the design, materials’ specifications, fabrication requirements and mechanical failure of industrial components such as boilers, heat exchangers, gas/water service lines, water treatment systems, storage tanks and crushers.

Conducted metallographic and fractographic examinations, microscopic observation (optical and scanning electron microscopy), non-destructive testing and field/laboratory instrumentation techniques to evaluate the chemical and mechanical properties of the metallic (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.), polymeric (coatings, paints, rubbers, plastics, etc.) and ceramic materials.

Assessed mechanical failure of boilers, gas/water line fixtures, irrigation water tanks, carbon dioxide enrichment systems as well as chlorine dioxide and fertilization injection systems which caused crop loss in various greenhouses.

Accomplished site investigations and condition surveys to ensure that the level of construction quality and material usage were in compliance with Ontario Building Code, regulations

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Areas of Expertise

    Construction,Materials Science


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering (Materials Engineering),
  • M.S., Metallurgical Engineering, Majoring in corrosion and materials protection
  • B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, Majoring in production of iron & steel


  • Professional Engineering of Ontario (PEO) License, Certificate of Authorization (Awarded by PEO

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