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Stephen Aghaei

 Project Consultant

Electrical/Electronics Expert in Newark, NJ

An electrical engineer with 30 years’ experience providing consulting expertise to insurance professionals regarding claims involving electrical and electronic equipment losses. He conducts accurate and in-depth inspections and evaluations of equipment to determine extent of damage being claimed, repair/restoration potential and cost analysis of damages. He has successfully managed several hundred jobs involving electronic losses after disasters including restoration and recovery projects at the World Trade Center in 1993 and 2001, hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, and Sandy, as well as international projects in France, Italy, and Mexico. Stephen provides cost effective solutions to resolve claims involving contaminated and exposed electronic and electrical equipment by evaluating damages. He has developed procedures for proper decontamination, testing, and/or repair of equipment, which includes working directly with the insured, their technical representatives, and the manufacturers of the equipment to successfully resolve equipment loss claims.


Lightning and Power Surge Related Damages
Soot and Fire Contamination
Transportation / Shipping Physical Equipment Damages
Water Intrusion
Building Envelope/ Water Intrusion
Computer Hardware/Software
Electrical Incidents & Failures
Electrical Systems
Equipment Breakdown & Failures
Equipment Restoration
Inland Marine
Manufacturing Equipment


  • B.S., Electrical Engineering
    Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Stephen Aghaei


Newark, NJ Office
8 Great Meadow Lane
Suite D

East Hanover, NJ