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Matt Scott

 Practice Leader

Digital Forensics Expert Consultant in Columbus, OH

Matt Scott, Practice Leader with Envista Forensics, investigates and manages projects related to cyber incidents, computer/mobile device forensics, and failure analysis of computer network equipment. With nearly 20 years of experience, Matt is highly proficient in the implementation of various computer forensic tools and data recovery. Considered a subject matter expert, he provides consulting expertise to the insurance, legal, law enforcement, private corporations, and public communities in matters of computer/mobile forensics, cyber incidents and failure analysis. AREA OF EXPERTISE Matt investigates events such as computer related crimes, cyber incidents (breach investigations) and/or financial theft. In addition, Matt has a vast experience with determining the origin and cause of failures related to servers and IT appliances, manufacturing machine design, setup, controls, and implementation, including automation and computer numeric controllers (CNC). He is highly proficient in multiple programming languages.


Automation and Controls
Commercial Crimes
Computer Forensics
Computer Virus Infiltration
Computer/Network Hacking
Data Center Migration Analysis
Data Recovery/HDD Failures
Fidelity Claims
Incident Response
International ATM Banking Processing
IT Equipment Losses
Lightning/Power Surge Damage
Social Engineering
Video Enhancement
Automation Systems
Computer Forensics
Computer Hardware/Software
Cyber Incident Investigation
Digital Forensics


  • B.S., Electronics Engineering Technology
    DeVry University
Matt Scott