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R. Scott Broad,


 Regional Director

Regional Director in Mississauga, ON

Mr. Scott Broad is the Regional Director in Canada with experience in forensic investigations, fire investigations, railway operations, and renewable energy. Mr. Broad is an internationally certified fire and explosion investigator and has personally investigated over 1,200 fires. In addition, he spent 21 years with Canadian National Railways as an Engineer, yardmaster, and conductor, providing sound expertise in railway operational matters. Mr. Broad holds licenses as a fire and explosion investigator, a fire investigation instructor, and a vehicle fire investigator. In addition, he is a licensed mechanic and past licensee as a locomotive engineer


Building Mechanical/Electrical
Diesel Truck Failures
Fire Investigations
Generator Failures
Heavy Equipment Failures
Marine Failures
Power Generation/Distribution
Railway Operational Failures
Railway Systems
Structural Fire Investigations
Civil Engineering
Fire & Explosion Investigation
Fire Protection/Suppression
Heavy Equipment
Marine Engineering
Mechanical Systems
Power Generation & Distribution
Renewable Energy
Vehicle Fire Investigations

R. Scott Broad


Toronto Office
2785 Skymark Ave
Suite #14

Mississauga, ON