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Joshua Seney

 Digital Forensic Examiner

Digital Forensic Examiner in Detroit, MI

Mr. Joshua R. Seney is a Digital Forensic Examiner with Envista Forensics. Josh has both testified and had his work product used as evidence in Municipal, State, and Federal Court cases with successful dispositions. He has 25 years of law enforcement experience conducting numerous investigations pertaining, but not limited to crimes against persons, financial / property crimes, targeted offenses against children and the elderly, and over the years has gained a specialization in digital incidents and digital evidence. In his law enforcement career, he has served as an investigative bureau supervisor, local agency liaison to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Force, Affiliate Investigator for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Intelligence Liaison Officer and as a Task Force Officer on a United States Secret Service (U.S.S.S.) Electronic Crimes Working Group. Josh holds multiple industry accepted certifications and has the ability to explain highly technical matters in a way that all can understand. He has conducted examinations on devices utilizing Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry operating systems as well as virtual machine environments. Josh also completed formal academics in the planning, implementation, management and maintenance of a Windows Server Active Directory network environment and attended U.S.S.S. Network Intrusion Response training.


Cell Phone Forensics
Cyber Incidents / Cyber Crime
Digital / Computer Forensics
Electronic Transfer Thefts
End User Cyber Security Awareness
Identity Theft
Macintosh Forensics
Network Equipment / Systems
Telecommunications / Cyber Harassment
Cell/Mobile/Phone Forensics
Computer Forensics
Computer Hardware/Software
Cyber Incident Investigation
Digital Forensics
Mobile Device/Cellular Technology Forensics


  • Computer Sciences Courses
    Stautzenberger College – Toledo, Ohio
  • Associates of Science, Criminal Justice
    Northwest Connecticut Community College – Winsted, Connecticut
  • Barney School of Business Management Program
    University of Hartford – Hartford, Connecticut
Joshua Seney


Detroit Office
44772 Helm Street
Plymouth, MI