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Jake Green,


 Digital Forensics Analysis

Digital Forensic Analyst I in Raleigh, NC

William Jacob Green (“Jake”) has over ten years of forensic investigation experience. Beginning in 2005, Jake was responsible for managing traffic enforcement and collision investigations, having investigated over 350 vehicle collisions during his law enforcement career. Mr. Green went on to providing crime scene forensic investigations, including processing crime scenes, examination of physical and digital evidence, finger print examinations and identifications, seizure and preservation of evidence and expert testimony. During his law enforcement career in digital forensics, Jake assisted over twenty law enforcement agencies with over 1,300 examinations. As a Digital Forensic Analyst with Envista Forensics, Mr. Green conducts computer and cell phone forensic examinations, provides court room testimony, evaluations of network intrusions/breaches, database threats, malware analysis, GPS forensics, equipment reviews, and cost analysis. Throughout his career, Jake has accumulated over 900 hours of training in digital forensics.


Cell Phone Forensics
Cellular Technology
Computer Forensics
Cyber Incidents / Cyber Crime
Digital Forensics
GPS Forensics
Litigation Management
Telecommunications Systems
Cell/Mobile/Phone Forensics
Computer Forensics
Cyber Incident Investigation
Digital Forensics
GPS Forensics
Mobile Device/Cellular Technology Forensics


  • Basic Computer Examiner Training
  • Basic Mobile Device Investigations
    National Computer Forensics Institute
  • Basic Investigation of Computer and Electronic Crimes Program
    National Computer Forensics Institute
Jake Green


Raleigh Office
2700 Gateway Blvd
Suite 100

Morrisville, NC