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Bruce Swales

 Managing Director

Electrical/Electronics Engineering Expert Consultant in Singapore

Bruce Swales is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) through The Engineering Council, UK, and a Registered Engineering Associate (REA) through the Engineering Associates Registration Board of New Zealand, with extensive experience in electrical and mechanical failure analysis, disaster recovery, equipment restoration, electrical engineering, electronics design, software development, project management, and operations management. He has published numerous papers and articles for insurance journals and various associations. Mr. Swales has more than 35 years’ experience, including 14 years’ experience in telecommunications, digital hardware and software design engineering for telemetry and SCADA control systems for the power and energy industries, over 15 years’ experience in senior management and director roles in technical equipment damage assessment and the restoration industry, and more than 6 years of forensic engineering experience across a wide range of industries, throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Bruce is headquartered in our Singapore office.


Automation and Controls
Electrical Accidents
HVAC/Building Automation
Manufacturing Equipment & Controls
Power Transmission/Distribution Equipment
Telephone / Telecommunications Equipment
Test & Laboratory Equipment
Automation Systems
Computer Hardware/Software
Digital Forensics
Electrical Incidents & Failures
Electrical Systems
Energy/Power Generation
Equipment Restoration
Manufacturing Equipment
Materials Failure Investigations
Mechanical Systems
Power Generation & Distribution


  • NZ Cert. in Engineering – Electrical & Telecommunications (NZCE.Int.)
    Manukau Institute of Technology, New Zealand
  • NZ Cert. in Computer Technology
    Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  • Registered Engineering Associate in Electronics Engineering (REA)
    The Engineering Associates Registration Board, New Zealand
Bruce Swales


Singapore Office
19 Jalan Kilang Barat
#04-07 Acetech Centre