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Alistair Ewing

 Technical Lead

Technical Lead in London, UK

Alistair Ewing has over eight years of experience in Digital Forensic Analysis, Data Recovery, Mobile Phone Forensics, Litigation Support, and has served as an Expert Witness in criminal and civil cases in the UK. Mr Ewing began performing digital forensics in 2011 and has had hundreds of hours of experience in this sector. Qualified as an expert witness for some years and vetted by Sweet and Maxwell he has presented evidence in tribunals, civil and criminal courts in the UK and been involved in corporate investigations, litigation support and collections. Mr Ewing received his initial training in mobile phone analysis in 2011 with Swedish firm Mobile MSAB gaining the much sought after XRY qualification. Since that time Mr Ewing has received hundreds of instructions on iOS, Android and traditional handsets such as Nokia and Blackberry that are typically used by suspects. An element of Mr Ewing’s work in the past four years has been in the eDiscovery arena. Using Intella, Nuix, Summation and more recently Relativity he can collect, troubleshoot, process and review using the above software suites. Drawing on his forensic background and applying these to the more advanced competencies of these tools, he has been able to utilize visualisation to find ‘hot’ communication artefacts faster, as well as a statistical display of results in more straightforward terms, for non-technical clients. Since 2011 Mr Ewing has regularly provided CDP Career Development Points and other training for lawyers, professionals, IT security departments, and local governments. Experienced as a consultant, knowledgeable as an expert witness and skilled in a corporate environment in all aspects of collection, investigation and reporting.


Data Recovery
Digital Forensics
Litigation support
Mobile Phone Forensics
Computer Hardware/Software
Digital Forensics
Mobile Device/Cellular Technology Forensics

Alistair Ewing


London Office
2 Castle Yard
Richmond, Surrey
United Kingdom