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Envista Welcomes Ten New Experts in July

02 September 2022

In the month of July, Envista welcomed aboard 10 new experts. Five new experts joined our US team within our Mechanical/Electrical and Civil/Structural teams. Our Australia team welcomed one new Quantity Surveyor in Sydney.

Learn more about these experts and their backgrounds, both professional and personal!

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

Aleksey Galkin, PE

Senior Project Engineer, Mechanical (Baltimore, MD)

Aleksey Galkin is a Senior Project Engineer with over 12 years of experience in the forensics field with experience in litigation support, mechanical testing, engineering and laboratory analyses, accident investigation, as well as management of Junior staff. 

Fun Fact: My favorite part about being in this industry is that it’s a career made out of breaking things, studying broken things, and figuring out how they got there. What’s not to like? I used to take apart toys as a kid and poorly piece them back together so it’s a natural progression of that curiosity.

Anthony DiPrima, PE

Project Engineer, Mechanical (Atlanta, GA)

Anthony DiPrima is a Project Engineer with over 9 years of experience designing and analyzing steel and concrete structures. He comes to Envista with experience as a structural engineer in the nuclear power industry.

Fun Fact: Before joining Envista, I was a structural engineer in the nuclear power industry. My work was more design based and often involved field walkdowns and implementation support. The farthest I have travelled for one of my projects was from Marietta, GA, to Plymouth, MA. On several occasions these jobs required up to a week of on-site work.

Drue King, WRT, ASD

Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Lexington, KY)

Drue King is a Building Consultant with over 6 years of experience. Drue is experienced in property damage assessment as a result of fire, water, wind, tornado, hail, hurricane, structural, and builder’s risk. He is also well versed in working with mitigation and rebuild contractors in an attempt to reach an agreed scope of repairs and cost. Drue has provided building consulting services for all types of property damage losses up to 3 million dollars.

Fun Fact: When I was a child I always wanted to be an Astronaut...still do. 

Herna ten Cate

Quantity Surveyor, Construction (Sydney, Australia)

Herna has over 30 years of experience as a Quantity Surveyor. She specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial insurance claims, construction detailed cost estimates, elemental replacement cost estimates, value at risk reports, indemnity valuation reports tender management, analysis and appraisals, progress claims, and variation assessments. Herna also possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Quantity Surveying and has worked on dozens of projects totaling over $300 million.

Jeff Given

Principal Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Los Angeles, CA)

Jeff Given is a Principal Building Consultant with nearly 10 years of experience in construction and related industries. He also has experience in the residential construction process and is seeking his Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management. Jeff specializes in residential and commercial property losses involving water, fire, hail, mudslides, and CATs. At Envista, Jeff provides support to the Building Consulting group, performing site inspections, providing estimates, cost auditing, and invoice reviews.

Fun Fact: My favorite part about being a building consultant is that we get the privilege to see some amazing structures and get to play a part in helping to put them back together. 

I learned a long time ago we tend to work in less-than-ideal places at less-than-ideal times during CAT season. When I was new to the industry, I volunteered to deploy to the Virgin Islands. I didn’t get selected, but my coworkers told me I lucked out because the amenities were nonexistent, and the humidity was unbearable. But, in all reality, wherever the client has work, I’m willing to go. 

Jeffrey DePriest

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Nashville, TN)

Jeffery DePriest is a Project Engineer with over 10 years of experience in structural engineering. He is knowledgeable in a range of building materials including steel, reinforced concrete, wood, and masonry structures. In his past roles, Jeffrey worked as the Lead Structural Engineer on large projects in automotive manufacturing and industrial facilities and performed forensic structural inspections of residential and commercial structures to determine the cause of failure, assess existing conditions, and determine the feasibility of proposed modifications.

Fun Fact: On one of the most interesting investigations I've worked on, the contractor over-excavated and undermined the continuous footing along a wall of an existing structure. We had to design a retaining structure to restore integrity to the building. 

Jim Dobson

Senior Principal Consultant, Building Consulting (Lexington, KY)

Jim Dobson is a Senior Principal Consultant with over 25 years of experience as a Building Consultant and Construction Project Manager. He is experienced in property damage losses and well-versed in working with mitigation and rebuild contractors. Jim has provided building consulting services for all types of property damage losses up to 11 million dollars.

Fun Fact: I've had to work away on a loss in Florida for three months! 

Kyle Smoot

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Denver, CO)

Kyle Smoot has nearly 25 years of experience in construction and disaster restoration. He previously worked as a construction consultant for a large loss adjuster on mitigation and reconstruction projects and has overseen new site development and remodeling of existing commercial buildings. His past responsibilities include emergency management, arson investigation and recovery, and water mitigation. He has extensive experience working with fire departments, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, property management, municipalities, subcontractors, and building inspectors.

Fun Fact: The most interesting investigation I've worked on was assisting on a roof collapse on a million square feet two-story structure.

Norm Kerr, IICRC - ASD, AMRT, HST, FSRT, WTR EPA Lead Certified, Subrogation Trained

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Chicago, IL)

Norm Kerr has over 20 years of experience in building consulting and insurance restoration services. His experience owning a restoration company has given him extensive knowledge of working with insurance carriers and homeowners to provide scoping and estimating consulting services. He also provided mitigation and reconstruction services. Norm can conduct inspections of homes and commercial properties and provide project proposals as well as detailed estimates with supporting photos, documents, and sub-bids.

Fun Fact: The most interesting loss I've worked was on a Japanese-style house in Illinois that faced a lake. The back wall and side walls were all glass, there were three copper pagoda roofs, a swimming pool and a waterfall in the house. I was told the design of the home was featured in Playboy magazine in the early 70s. Unfortunately, it was a total loss and one person died because of the fire.

Roman Stemprok, PhD, PE, NAFI-CFEI

Senior Project Engineer, Electrical (San Jose, CA)

Roman Stemprok has extensive industrial experience in electrical power systems, power generation, very high current AC to DC conversion, and heavy industrial motors for water or air circulation systems. His industrial experience covers over 20 years in areas of electrical project designs, project management, technical staff supervising, project scheduling, estimating, and budgeting for power systems from low voltage to 138 kV and for control systems. Roman holds B.S., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering, is a registered professional engineer in Texas, and a registered fire and explosion investigator (NAFI).

Fun Fact: When I was a child, I aspired to be a medical doctor.

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