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Envista Welcomes Five New Experts in April

19 May 2023

Envista is excited to welcome five new experts to our Fire & Explosion, Civil/Structural, Building Consulting, and Digital Forensics divisions.

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!


Fire Consultant, Fire & Explosion (San Jose, CA)

John Reed is a Fire Consultant with the Fire & Explosion division. John has over 13 years of experience conducting fire investigations in both the private and public sectors. He has experience and expertise in conducting wildland, residential, commercial, and vehicle fires. As a firefighter-paramedic engineer, John has extensive experience with multiple disciplines of fire suppression and throughout his career has been deployed on multiple large incidents throughout the state of California. John holds a certification as a Fire Investigator with the State of California Fire Marshal. He also is a certified Fire Investigator with the California Conference of Arson Investigators, a certified Fire Investigator Technician with the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator with the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI).

Fun Fact: One interesting investigation I worked on that sticks out was a structure fire of a woman who had a large amount of personal belongings in her home. The fire patterns indicated that it started in the living room, although her first story was that it started in the kitchen. When I asked her a second time about what happened she confessed to relighting a candle and setting it on a table in the living room. A few minutes later she came back to see the candle burning irregularly. She attempted to douse it out with a coffee pot of water but the flames spread. After doing some research about the type of candle she used, I found that they have a warning not to relight if over 50% of the candle has been used. I also found that if the candle is used past 50% the tall glass container does not allow for enough oxygen to allow for normal burning of the candle causing the candle to burn irregularly at the top of the glass. It was this phenomenon that the lady of the house witnessed and her attempting to put out the candle knocked it over on the large amount of personal belongings.

Luis Castrillon, MS, CFCE

Digital Forensics Analyst, Digital Forensics (Raleigh, NC)

Luis Castrillon is a Digital Forensic Analyst with over 20 years of experience working in federal law enforcement. In 2018, Luis was accepted into the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Forensics Computer Program and spent his last five years in service as a Computer Forensics Agent. In this capacity, Luis supported HSI in all programmatic areas and other federal, state, and local partners in the examination of digital media involving child sexual abuse material, narcotics and financial fraud investigations. Prior to his government service, he obtained a Master of Science, Forensic Science degree and a professional certificate in Forensic Computer Investigation from the University of New Haven.

Fun Fact: When I was growing up, I wanted to be a Rockstar. I've always loved music and continue to be an avid drummer. 

Mitch Remig, CFEI

Senior Consultant, Fire & Explosion (New York, NY)

Mitch Remig is a Senior Fire and Explosion Consultant within the Fire & Explosion division. Mitch is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator through the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) and a Certified Fire Investigator through the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety. He has over 20 years of experience combined in law enforcement and fire suppression and fire code and inspections. He has been conducting origin and cause investigations since 2013 both domestically and internationally. Mitch has worked on over 500 fire/explosion investigations in both the private and public sectors ranging from single/multi-family dwellings, vehicle and marine investigations, large/complex residential and commercial losses, heavy equipment, and fatal fire investigations.

Fun Fact: As a fire investigator, I enjoy having the opportunity to walk clients through an investigation from start to finish, show them the process and give them an understanding as to how I came to my investigative conclusion.

Nolan Williams, PE

Structural Engineer, Civil/Structural (Nashville, TN)

Nolan Williams is a Project Engineer with over 10 years of experience in structural engineering. He has expertise in a wide range of building materials including steel, reinforced concrete and masonry, and wood structures. In the past, he worked as the Lead Structural Engineer on large projects of manufacturing and commercial use as well as residential structures. In addition to design and analysis, he has performed forensic structural inspections of commercial and residential structures to determine the cause of failure, assess existing conditions, determine the feasibility of proposed modifications, and specify a plan of repair. Nolan develops structural evaluation reports that include observations, climate and materials research, code references, professional opinions, and recommendations, when necessary.

Fun Fact: One of the most interesting investigations I worked on was a construction defect matter where there were multiple deficiencies with the new construction of a residence. I was astonished by how far from the accepted construction standards and the building code requirements the building was assembled. Trying to make sense of the workers’ process made my head spin throughout the investigation.

Paul Origer

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Chicago, IL)

Paul Origer is a Senior Building Consultant with over 10 years of experience in building consulting. He specializes in estimating, invoicing, risk assessment, as well as experience assessing catastrophe damage. Paul possesses a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa University.

Fun Fact: The farthest I've traveled for an investigation was a wind investigations in Juneau, Alaska. At that time, I was working for Allstate Insurance. Due to the turnaround time, we were on site for two full rotations, 24 days.

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