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Envista Welcomes Eight New Experts in October

18 November 2022

In the month of October, Envista welcomed seven new experts across the US and Canada within the Civil/Structural, Building Consulting, Fire, Digital Forensics, and Mechanical divisions.

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

DeVante Steward

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (San Jose, CA)

DeVante Steward is an experienced General Manager and Senior Estimator with 12 years of working in the restoration construction industry and as a Property Insurance Adjuster. He has operated in both the residential and commercial sectors that range into multi-million-dollar losses. DeVante is proficient in using Xactimate, handling claims to resolution, and avoiding business interruption. 

Fun Fact: The farthest I've traveled for work was from Las Vegas, NV by car to Philadelphia, PA, which took a total of 34 hours of driving. The longest I've traveled for work was six months in New Orleans for hurricane season.

Felipe Cruz

Digital Forensic Analyst, Digital Forensics (Raleigh, NC)

Felipe Cruz Jr. is a Digital Forensic Analyst with nearly a decade of experience working with local law enforcement. He has worked as both a Digital Forensic Analyst and a Tech Specialist with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology.

Fun Fact: My favorite part about being a Digital Forensic Analyst is seeing how much technology is incorporated into our everyday lives and being able to use that information in our investigations.

Jessie Kramer, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Denver, CO)

Jessie Kramer is a Project Engineer with over four years of experience. She is experienced in the design and construction methods of numerous building materials including mild reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, wood, steel, light gauge, and masonry. She has designed, renovated and investigated various types of commercial, residential, historical, mixed-use, and institutional structures. Jessie's expertise, combined with her educational background, enables her to analyze a wide variety of structural problems and failures.

Fun Fact: One of the most interesting investigations I've worked on was a condo building that was over 100 years old that had a mass timber beam fail. When the client called they said a wood beam had a crack in it, we thought it was a check or shrinkage crack. When we walked in we realized it was a much bigger problem than we had anticipated. I designed emergency shoring and we produced a final repair detail for the beam. We ended up investigating the rest of the building for other repair items.

Julie Windish, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Kansas City, MO)

Julie Windish is a Project Engineer with over eight years of experience with nuclear, power, and industrial markets. Julie's structural engineering experience includes design for an enclosed boiler feedwater building, concrete foundation design for multiple industrial buildings, construction engineering services for temporary structures and serving as a site engineer for nuclear construction projects. Julie's extensive analysis and design experience combined with her educational background enables her to analyze a wide variety of structural problems and failures.

Fun Fact: This is my first experience working with forensic engineering and I have never traveled for an investigation. At my previous company, I was a site engineer in Loving, NM for about 8 months on a Nuclear Project.

Keith Scannell, CFEI

Fire Consultant, Fire & Explosion (Pittsburgh, PA)

Keith Scannell is a Fire Consultant with over 40 years of experience in various investigations including fire origin and cause, interviewing, fraud, and many other complex civil and criminal investigations. Complimented by 42 years in the Fire Service, 10 years as a Pennsylvania State Constable, as well as 6 years of work experience with various private detective firms, Keith has developed real and diverse experience while overseeing a growing business with several locations. Under his own business/license since 1986, he has worked for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Chapter 13 Trustees Office, Department of Justice - Trial Division and many other public entities. He has taught fire dynamics classes and Fire Fighter 1 classes and has been developing a curriculum for 24-hour fundamentals of origin and cause investigation.

Fun Fact: As a volunteer fireman I was always fascinated by fire spread and its effects. As my training and experience increased, I just loved sifting through the debris and reconstructing a loss. I had a residential garage fire a couple of years ago that ended up catching both cars on fire in the garage. After reconstruction, it appeared that the origin of the fire was in a garbage can in the garage. Once we started taking apart the contents of the melted plastic can, we found the control unit for the yard sprinkler/irrigation system. We traced the wires out into the very back of the yard where we found an at-ground lighting strike at the base of a tree and could see the travel path to the wiring. We confirmed with the homeowners, neighbors, and fire department that it was storming the morning of the fire and ordered a lightning strike report which confirmed the strike minutes before the fire was reported.

Lidia Sorial, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Calgary)

Lidia Sorial is a Project Engineer with nearly 10 years of experience as a structural engineer and manager. She has expertise in investigating root-cause incidents and has worked to provide case-specific solutions for structural and foundational failures. Lidia also has experience in existing bridge demolition, new bridge design, and new underpass design. 

Fun Fact: When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor, but as it turns out, I fainted at the first sight of blood. Now, as an engineer, my favourite part is the analytical, logical, systematic thinking because everything in life is chaos.

Nate Kendrick

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Richmond, VA)

Nate Kendrick is a Senior Building Consultant with over 15 years of experience in the restoration, construction, and insurance industries. He also earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has owned and operated his own General Contracting business for the last few years prior to joining Envista.

Fun Fact: I really haven't traveled far or spent an extended amount of time away for any claim/investigation. As a General Contractor, my work was centralized within a 50-mile radius. But if I had the opportunity, visiting the Mediterranean would be a treat. 

Omar Rady

Project Consultant, Mechanical (Detroit, MI)

Omar Rady is a Project Consultant with a Bachelor's Degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering specialized in the design of several HVAC, MEP, and fire protection systems. He is also proficient in AutoCAD, Revit, and Solidworks and utilizes his background to examine electrical/mechanical failures.

Fun Fact: I was always interested in Engineering. I always wanted to know how the equipment operates! I generally have more interest in failures related to thermal and fluid equipment.

Welcome to the team!

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