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Envista Forensics Donates Portion of July Profit to National Urban League

Chicago – 28 August 2020

Strengthens Commitment to Support Local Communities

CHICAGO – Aug. 28, 2020 – Envista Forensics, a global forensic consulting company, announced today that they made a $10,000 donation to the National Urban League signaling their ongoing commitment to empower communities and do their part as global citizens.

“Envista’ s enhanced commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives materialized earlier this year, similar to many other organizations, and through those efforts we launched a campaign to donate a portion of our July profit to the National Urban League which ended up totaling a little over $10,000,” said Jewel Evans-Darrington, VP, People and Culture, Envista Forensics. “This activity, however, is not the beginning of our organization’s dedication to important social causes.”

For many years, Envista has worked with various nonprofits and community organizations through partnership and training programs, corporate giving campaigns, and various other forms of support and services. The company is passionate about living out their mission, and looks for ways to support individuals, organizations and communities recover from their darkest days. Envista Forensics’ President, Bob Wedoff, stated this is exactly why the company supports the International Rescue Committee (IRC) who responds to some of the world’s most devastating humanitarian crises, as well as the American Red Cross and associated organizations to meet the needs of individuals in need of disaster relief.

“Expanding the efforts and organizations we serve is another step forward in our commitment to stay true to the heart of what we do—help others,” said Wedoff. “The work we do has always been rooted in solving problems, and aiding businesses and individuals so they can get back on their feet—whether from a natural disaster, fire, flood, failure, cyber attack or legal conflict. We will continue to do so in the best way we can, as we work to be the best company, and global citizens, we can be.”

National Urban League is part of those efforts. The organization is committed to the development of programs, public policy research and advocacy, and works to serve communities all over the United States on matters of community education, jobs, civil rights and much more.

“The National Urban League strives for what many organizations are really pushing for, which is a belief that diversity and inclusion becomes organic—the innate fabric of how we treat each other,” said Evans-Darrington. “We hope fair treatment regardless of sex, gender, religious beliefs, origin, race or ability will be adopted across our generation and generations to come. And if, as an organization, we can help make that shift, and move the needle farther toward the goal of equality, then we believe we should.”

To donate to one of our partner organizations, please click on the links: National Urban League, International Rescue Committee, and American Red Cross.

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