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Envista Welcomes First Group of New Hires in 2023

17 February 2023

As we ring in the new calendar year, new hire onboarding is off to a strong start at Envista, with the addition of six new experts globally. In January, Envista welcomed three new experts in the US, two in Canada, and one in Australia. 

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

Jack Huang, PhD

Senior Scientist, Material Science (Detroit, MI)

Jack Huang is a Senior Scientist with over 20 years of experience in product liability, failure analysis, and process/application development for new polymer materials and composites in the automotive and building products industries. Jack, who works as a scientist in Envista's materials lab, has a PhD in materials science, has served as an expert in product liability/defense cases, and has various patents and publications.

Fun Fact: I enjoy being an engineer because I get intrigued by how things work and what I can do differently to make things easier/better.

Maria Tejada, EIT

Project Consultant, Mechanical (Calgary, AB)

Maria Tejada is a Project Consultant with over six years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer. Maria has extensive experience with HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems, and specializes in failure analyses of residential, institutional, commercial, and light industrial equipment. She has also led multi-disciplinary teams in planning, designing, and developing HVAC and plumbing systems (potable water, sanitary, storm and natural gas systems).

Fun Fact: When I was a child, I wanted to be Britney Spears! As I got older, I wanted to become a doctor (like my father). As I progressed further in my studies, I realized that the classes I enjoyed the most were math and physics and thus engineering seemed like a perfect fit.

Martin Mulcahy

Senior Technical Consultant, Electrical (Sydney, Australia)

Martin Mulcahy is a Senior Technical Consultant within Envista’s Electrical/Mechanical division. Martin previously managed the Lane Cove High Power Testing Station (LCTS), a purpose-built facility that provided testing services, such as short-circuit, arcing fault, temperature-rise and dielectric tests, for a wide range of low- and high-voltage electrical equipment including switchgear enclosures, circuit breakers, transformers, insulators and earthing equipment. He was responsible for the facility’s accreditation regularly audited by NATA and ASTA Intertek (UK international accreditation) and as the corporate NATA representative for Ausgrid, participated in audits for their metering, calibration, and chemical laboratories, while maintaining his own technical NATA authorised status for several products including instrument transformers and arc-rated protective clothing. At Envista, Martin provides failure analysis expertise for a wide range of LV and HV electrical equipment and installations.

Fun Fact: I used to work in a testing station and I spent a week in Vietnam assisting one of our customers and presenting at their product launch. The presentation was tricky as I needed to wait for a translator after each statement I made. I blame the translator for my jokes falling flat – his timing was terrible.

Nega Mezlekia, PhD, PEng  

Project Consultant, Civil/Structural (Toronto, ON)

Nega Mezlekia is a Project Consultant with over 27 years of experience in structural engineering design, forensic investigation, and management. He has extensive expertise investigating petrochemical structures, single and multi-family residential structures, and commercial structures.

Fun Fact: The most interesting investigation I've worked on involved the collapse of a high-rise apartment building parking garage in Etobicoke (part of Greater Toronto).

Thomas Axley Jr., PE

Senior Project Engineer, Mechanical (Nashville, TN)

Thomas Axley is a Senior Project Mechanical Engineering Consultant with over 35 years of a wide variety of design and forensics engineering experience. Thomas specializes in commercial and industrial machinery, HVAC, and piping. He has a background in investigations and apparent causal analysis in industrial and nuclear HVAC, with specific investigation and troubleshooting experience in various environments. He also has expertise in failure analysis, apparent and root cause determination, damage assessments, cost analysis, due diligence assessments, litigation support, and design reviews.

Fun Fact: My favorite part about being an engineer is solving problems and helping people find solutions to difficult challenges.

Tristan Burm

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Denver, CO)

Tristan Burm is a Project Engineer with over 10 years of experience. He is experienced in designing and constructing numerous building materials including reinforced concrete, pre-tension concrete, post-tension concrete, historic foundations, wood, light-gauge, steel, masonry, and green building materials. He also has experience in residential, commercial, and infrastructure design, testing, and monitoring. He is a professional engineer in Colorado, holds a Sprat L1 certificate for ropes access, and is also OSHA certified. Tristan's expertise, combined with his educational background, enables him to analyze a multitude of structural problems and failures at Envista.

Fun Fact: Other areas of the world I would be interested in working in is the Caribbean since I grew up in Curacao or the Netherlands, since I speak the language, have a Dutch passport, and am very familiar with the area. I would love to learn more about their building processes.

Welcome to the team!

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