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Personal injury cases can be complex, especially when there are multiple parties involved, the injury is serious, or there has been a loss of life. A technical expert will need to evaluate what occurred and why it happened. In order to understand and report on the incident, forensic investigators will evaluate the setting in which the accident occurred, interview witnesses, and plot out the timeline of events.

Envista works with legal professionals across the globe to evaluate injury and death cases involving product liability, construction accidents, machinery, vehicle accidents, and even accidents that occur in the home.

Our experts and engineers have extensive experience in complex personal injury cases from discovery, to the evaluation of the cause of damage, evidence collection, and expert witness and litigation support. We can sort through the facts objectively and have worked on a variety of cases.

Workplace Investigations

Our experts have overseen workplace investigations including:

  • Industrial accident investigation
  • Construction site safety and accidents
  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical component deficiencies leading to a failure
  • Injuries as the result of scaffolding failures
  • Machine guarding cases
  • People-mover evaluations (e.g. elevators, escalators, ski lifts)
  • Environmental and toxicology evaluations

Product Liability Investigations

Envista's product liability investigations have included but are not limited to:

  • Product defect
  • Injuries that have occurred using exercise equipment
  • Accidents involving farm equipment
  • Machinery design and safety issues

Accident Investigations

Types of accident investigations we oversee include: 

  • Fatal or catastrophic injury investigations
  • Commercial trucking, tractor/trailer accidents
  • Rigging and scaffolding claims
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Tire failures on vehicles
  • ATV and recreational vehicle accidents
  • Burn and scalding injury cases
  • Auto and motorcycle accidents (VAR)

Criminal Investigations

We've also overseen criminal investigations related to accidents and personal injury, including: 

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