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Vehicle Accident Injury and Biomechanics

Envista's biomechanical experts are capable of reviewing injuries sustained during an automobile collision or from a slip, trip, or fall to assess whether the injuries could be related to the reported incident and if the severity of those injuries is reasonable with respect to the type of incident. Regardless of the type of incident, our experts can provide a detailed analysis of the situation, aiding clients in making informed decisions on how to deal with a claim and determine the cause of the reported injuries.

Envista has investigated hundreds of personal injury claims and provided expert testimony for investigations such as:

  • Ladder incidents and falls
  • Personal injury (trip and fall)
  • Playground equipment failures
  • Handicap accessible ramps or equipment incidents

Vehicle Collision and Personal Injury

Successful biomechanical analyses begin with thorough accident reconstruction, focusing on vehicle and occupant movements. As Envista has reconstructed thousands of vehicle collisions, we are able to provide accurate and concise biomechanical analyses for our clients, outlining exactly how occupants would have moved within the vehicle, interacted with other objects (e.g. other passengers and/or cargo), and what injuries are reasonably expected as a result of the collision.

Motor vehicle collisions typically result in injuries, minor or major. Hiring the right expert to determine the vehicle and occupant dynamics and the circumstances and consequences of the collision is crucial. Envista’s experts and engineers analyze injury mechanisms, seatbelt effectiveness (and whether the seatbelts were in use), vehicle speed change, and post-impact movements to determine the likelihood of sustaining a reported injury, as well as the probable cause.

The location of an occupant involved in a vehicle collision is crucial information, dictating the amount of acceleration they would have experienced and their vulnerability to injury. Envista can assess medical records to determine where an occupant was seated in a vehicle, which can be useful in determining who was driving. In the past, we have also outsourced DNA testing from interior vehicle components to determine occupant locations at the time of the incident.

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