Envista's Pandemic Plan

Safety is at the core of our business operations each and every day, and the well-being of our staff and clients is of utmost importance.

Envista has a Pandemic Influenza Continuity Plan in place, which allows our organization to respond safely, effectively, and efficiently to a pandemic flu. Our objectives during any communicable, infectious disease pandemic are to:

  1. Reduce transmission of the pandemic disease among our employees, customers, clients, and partners.
  2. Minimize illness among employees and customers/clients.
  3. Maintain essential operations and services.
  4. Minimize social disruptions and the economic impact of a pandemic.

At this time, Envista is implementing steps consistent with the level of threat/risk posed by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. The scope and spread of pandemic disease in the various communities Envista Forensics operates will be monitored through the World Health Organization (www.who.int), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov), as well as National agencies throughout Canada, the European Union, Mexico, Australia, and Singapore.

For more information on our pandemic plan, please contact riskmanager@envistaforensics.com.

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