Tammy Wainwright

Operations Manager

Tammy Wainwright


How did you get into the Forensic Consulting Industry?

In October 2005, right after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, I received a call from a temporary employment agency telling me I was perfect for a position they needed to place. At the time, I wasn’t even looking but she knew my qualifications and that I had previously worked with an engineering firm for a few years (although my previous experience was working with chemical engineers). I did an over-the-phone job interview with Envista (was PT&C Forensics at the time) at noon that same day and was hired immediately! That was on a Friday, and I met the Director the following day as a formality and started working full-time that Monday. It was a decision I have never regretted making!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

It has always been interesting to see the diversity of the claim types and the challenges our experts and engineers face, especially in CAT events. I love being able to help provide the support and assistance they need to make their jobs a little easier. I’ve also loved helping to establish the policy and procedures created over the years as our company has grown into what it is today. I enjoy the challenges that come up and determining the best way to overcome those challenges to benefit everyone involved.

What's one of the most interesting projects you've been involved with as an employee at Envista Forensics?

Although there are many to date: the most interesting still remains the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita CAT events we worked in coastal cities of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We’d organize about 10 teams each day of 2 people, with approximately 8-12 jobs, grouping those into locations very close to each other. At the end of each day, the teams would come back to the office to write reports and share stories and adventures of their days, including sharing pictures of what they may have seen (alligators in the road, box truck up in a tree, car on top of a house, a home sitting at the bottom of a pond, homes pushed way out into a marsh that required an air boat to get to, police escorting, a homeowner who rode out a storm at home and videoed the entire thing, etc.). It was like living their adventures myself through their eyes! Managing the temporary apartments, furnishings, rental vehicles and equipment for our staff was my own personal adventure during that time.

What is your favorite thing about working at Envista Forensics?

The people I work with are my favorite thing about working at Envista. It has truly been like a family or team atmosphere since day one, and it continues to be even 10 years later.

Fun Facts

I will become a grandma for the first time in April (Granddaughter).

My son is a U.S. Marine in Infantry.

I created a cookie recipe that is top secret. I'm regularly told I should open my own bakery, as my cookies, cupcakes, cakes and desserts are popular among those who've had them. Baking for me though is strictly a hobby and NOT something I'd ever want to do full-time as I think I'd lose the enjoyment I receive when baking.