Envista Featured in Expert Witness Journal: 10 Tips for Hiring Experts and Avoiding Gunslingers

October 29, 2019 Gunslinger_blog.jpg

Forensic experts are being mislabeled

When it comes to forensic experts in the insurance industry, many are mislabeled as hired guns even when they are honest and unbiased.  But when experts performing their investigations according to established protocols, they should only come to conclusions that favor their clients when the facts and evidence support those conclusions.  Even when experts report unfavorable answers, many clients appreciate this honest feedback as that information is helpful in managing their claim.

Public sector investigators vs. Private investigators

There is a tendency to believe that public sector investigators are not hired guns because they are full-time employees and therefore, were not “hired.”  Some believe that the investigator would not be inclined to report answers in any favorable way, but simply being a public sector investigator does not eliminate the potential for bias.

The primary issue all experts have to deal with when evaluating evidence is bias.  Bias does in fact exist due to many factors and in order for a forensic investigator to reduce the influence of those biases as much as possible, a number of steps should be followed.

Learn about the 10 tips on how to avoid this pitfall when hiring your next expert.

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