Envista Featured in Barrister Magazine: Subrogation in Fire Investigations Advantages of Protocols and a Scientific Approach

August 09, 2019 fireline_forensicspage.jpg

The before & after of international guidelines

Previously, fire and explosion investigations were more closely aligned with the art of investigation, rather than the art of science, relying on purely trial and error.

Today, the guidelines and scientific methods and protocols put into place have made it easier for a judge to trust and accept an investigator’s opinion and evidence presented as a trier of fact, and even more so when dealing with a subrogated claim.

The development of international guidelines

In 1992, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) in the United States developed a guide for proper scene evaluation of fire and explosion investigations as well as standards for professional qualifications of fire investigators. 

NFPA 921 specifically, acts as a playbook of how to property use the scientific method needed to conduct the investigation and ensures investigators address all issues associated with the investigation. A number of other countries around the world, including the UK, accept and use these guidelines.

Read more on the development of fire investigation guidelines and why following these methods are so important for subrogation.

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