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Envista Forensics - London, UK

Envista’s London office provides multi-disciplinary forensic consulting services to insurance, legal and commercial clients. Our forensic engineers and expert witnesses provide failure analysis, fire and explosion investigations, digital forensics, accident reconstruction, building and construction consulting, geotechnical engineering, damage evaluations, and equipment restoration services following disasters of all kinds.

Recent News: Service Line Expansion for Fire Investigation in UK and Europe

Our globally certified team of forensic fire and explosion investigators possess the necessary credentials and experience needed to handle all types of fire losses promptly and professionally. Whether the incident was intentional or accidental, large or small, we can provide the proper analysis to determine the origin and cause of the loss. Additionally, our highly trained staff have an eye for identifying subrogation potential. As a result, Envista’s fire and explosion experts have been involved in some of the largest subrogation cases to-date.

Forensic Fire Investigators - London, UK

Envista’s fire investigations are prompt, detailed and professional, covering a broad range of incidents, including: electrical fires, process plant fires, contractor work fires, appliance fires, spontaneous ignition incidents, arson, and wildfires.

Our investigations are multidisciplinary; we draw upon expertise in fire science, engineering, and chemistry to find the origin and cause, and we communicate our findings in a clear, concise manner that can be readily understood by non-technical individuals.

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security - London, UK

We live in an extremely digital world, and with that comes a number of risks. From cyber hacks, to cell phone GPS tracking, to infotainment and telematics system liability risks, the obsession with connectivity has created a need for specialized expertise. Envista’s authorities are some of the most well-known in the world, and have worked on some of the most infamous criminal cases, as well as numerous highly sensitive, complex data and cyber breaches.

Our experts can help attorneys, companies and adjusters determine the truth by using our advanced technology and state-of-the-art lab equipment.

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Marine Practice Group - London, UK

Envista's Marine Experts provide complete global solutions for in-depth technical investigation of multi-disciplinary, complex claims occurring on land and sea, and across all marine business lines including hull, cargo, portside facilities and marine casualty. Our marine team, comprised of diversified experts and engineers (many of whom are licensed mariners), have aided claims adjuster, legal professionals, safety and risk managers and brokers with mitigating all types of claims related to the global transportation system. 

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Equipment Loss Consulting/ Business Interruption Consultants - London, UK

Property damage claims involving technical equipment can be catastrophic for policyholders and extremely complicated for insurers to navigate. The equipment loss consulting group at Envista Forensics are industry leaders with more than 30 years of experience providing comprehensive post-loss assessments that enable claim expenses to be reduced and business interruption to be minimized.

Our equipment loss experts determine the scope and extent of the damage, verify the cause, and then provide reinstatement cost estimates. Our specialists can help with vendor coordination and warranty options and have extensive experience serving as expert witnesses.

Civil/Structural Engineers - London, UK

Envista's Civil/Structural Forensics Engineers specialize in the investigation of complex structural failures and other accidents. Working with Envista Forensic experts from various disciplines, our civil and structural engineers are able to quickly and cost-effectively determine the cause and extent of incidents and failures to: Civil Investigator, Structural Damage, Concrete Failures, Soils/Geo-technical Incidents, Infrastructure, Storm Damage, Drone or UAS Investigations, Electrical Analysis, and Investigation.

Also, check out our Construction Defect division. 

Mechanical Failure Analysis - London, UK

Envista’s forensic engineers and experts use a structured, scientific approach in their investigation of mechanical failures to determine the origin and cause—identifying the factors that contributed to the failure—who may be responsible, as well as the necessary steps to mitigate the issue. Our licensed mechanical, metallurgical, materials engineers and equipment experts have the experience to quickly and effectively diagnose problems and determine appropriate next steps.

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Electrical Failure Analysis - London, UK

When incidents or failures to various electrical systems, equipment or processes occur, you need a skilled expert to assess the damage, determine possible cause and provide mitigation options so recovery occurs quickly and cost-effectively.

Envista Electrical Engineers and Consultants are skilled at providing expertise following incidents such as: Electrical failures, Electrical injuries, Electronics losses and Equipment failures/losses.

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